Hey I'm John 👋
I Help Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Become More Effective By Winning The MIND Game 🧠
Unlike All Of The "Gurus" and "Experts" Out there.....
I'm a real, "started from scratch" entrepreneur and business owner. 

My first gym was created from a group of clients I acquired through old school ground sign marketing (think of those signs with offers and a phone number at the stop light 😂) where I ran classes out of a church parking lot before signing my first lease. 
Today I Have An Amazing Team And An Awesome Community Of Members Along With Several Other Businesses
We Lead A Thriving Gym That Serves Our Community At The Highest Level - But Wha Does That Mean To You?
In the last 10 years I've been through it all from struggling to make ends meet, clearing thousands of dollars in debt, having hired and (unfortunately having to fire) countless employees, I've been through every high and low.

This has given me the "gift" or (superpower) as I like to call it to win the MIND game. 

When we learn to OWN our emotions and move forward powerfully in our business and life, everything works better for us. 

I've applied this to my other businesses with the same success

But Most Importantly I've Been Able To Help Other Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Do The Same For Themselves
Now I'm on a personal mission to impact the lives of other business owners and entrepeneurs who are having "success" but feel like life is out of control at times and are impacted by the highs and lows day to day

I have an amazing way to help you get started where I share my system I use to:
✅Be more effective in my business (and life)
✅Own my emotions to keep focused 
✅Clear the "clutter" out of my project list and get clear on what truly needs my time & attention 
✅Help lead and coach my team to replicate my efforts and grow our business to a new scale

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